Heidi S D Jackson

"I call myself an expressionist." ~ HSDJ

Heidi is a professional New England artist. Inspired by the ever changing landscape & her love of nature & the sea, she paints life's 'fleeting quality' with bold, generous strokes of delicious color; a romance between movements of line vs. volume is her passion. Layering captured light between glazes images gently rises to the surface exposing a whirlwind of emotion. By sharing her view of the world, she harnesses a little piece of her soul in each composition. Insisting the viewer experience 'this' window of the world, offering a language without words, where others can create their own story.

Fascinated with many art forms, harvesting new concepts; combining drawing, painting and sculpture. She is in love with the secrets within the paint, paper, graphite, wood, stone, clay, iron, and bronze; all sharing possibilities residing within her pencil, brush, chisel, file, fire, hammer, hands and imagination.